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Blake kelly memorial scholarship

Blake Kelly was a life long supporter of 4-H and FFA in Texas and across the nation. He grew up in Bullard, Texas, was active in the FFA during high school but his involvement didn’t stop after graduating. He spent every day instilling his knowledge and always lending a helping hand to all of those around him, regardless if it was family, friends or a complete stranger. He had a true servants heart and that was one of the biggest imprints he left on the livestock industry. This scholarship will be awarded to the youth that understands the true meaning on having a servants heart and what it means on leaving a lasting impression on the youth that follow behind them. 

We will be awarding two outstanding BTRJLA members with a $1,000 scholarship! One to a member from the state of Texas and another to an member out of state. 

  1. Applicant must be an active member of the Beyond The Ring Junior Livestock Association.
  2. Must be a graduating senior and/or in college but no older than 21 years old.
  3. It will be mandatory that scholarship winners attend an accredited college/university the fall semester immediately following his or her selection, unless special permission is granted by the Beyond The Ring Junior Livestock Association Board of Directors.
  4. Qualifications will be based on leadership roles, community involvement, 4-H/FFA involvement and academic scholarship.
  5. Applicant’s scholastic rating for the first 3 years of high school career should be high enough to place the applicant in the upper half of his or her class.
  6. High School transcripts signed by superintendent, principal, counselor or registrar must accompany application. Or if the applicant is currently in college the latest College transcript. 
  7. Candidates must have taken the ACT or SAT and the official results must be attached to the application.
  8. One letter of recommendation from teachers, administrators or others who have personal knowledge of your character (NOT your relatives) must be attached.
  9. A one page essay on how the applicant will leave his or her lasting impression on the agriculture industry and those that come behind he or she. 
  10. A photograph of the applicant must accompany the application.

If you would like to donate to the Blake Kelly Memorial Scholarship, please email:

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